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Tom Paxton's Children's Songbook

Copyright 1990 Cherry Lane Music Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 430, Port Chester, NY 10573
ISBN 0-89524-563-9

Words, music and guitar chords to fourteen of Paxton's children's songs.
Includes 14 pages of activities (one page for each song) by Darcy A. Scharrett
Photos in the book are credited to Kate Paxton
All songs are "Words and music by Tom Paxton".

See also the Children's Song Book published in 1974 by Bradleys.

Song List:

  1. My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog
  2. The Thing That Isn't There
  3. At The 'Quarium
  4. Fish Are Orderly
  5. I've Got The Measles
  6. The Monkey's Baseball Game
  7. The Wooly Booger
  8. All The Children
  9. The Marvelous Toy
  10. The Crow That Wanted To Sing
  11. Balloon-Alloon-Alloon
  12. The Dog With Two Tails
  13. Allen Gator
  14. Going To The Zoo

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