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All The Children

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

All the children, children of the world,
could learn to love each other, could be like sister and brother.
All the children, ev'ry boy and girl,
are part of all the children, all the children of the world.

[Verse 1]
In a town in China lives a little girl named Wu;
you would be amazed to find she's similar to you.
She gets hungry, she gets tired, she goes to sleep at night
and when she hears a funny tale, she laughs with all her might!

[Verse 2]
In an African town a child is sitting by a fire,
Watching as the flames are dancing, straining to leap higher.
In the fire he sees a vision of the man he'll be.
Isn't he a bit like you and quite a bit like me? (To Chorus)

[Verse 3]
All the children of the world are free to sing this song;
All the children of the world are free to sing along.
Parents, teachers, uncles, aunts, kings and presidents too,
All the children of the world will sing this song to you: (To Chorus)

Words and music to this song can be found in the Tom Paxton Children's Songbook.

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