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Words and Music by Tom Paxton

Evacuation, evacuation,
They say we'll all have time to pack our bags,
And head for safer ground.
Evacuation, evacuation,
We might as well prepare to walk,
Across Long Island Sound

If you're doing up some cookies and the whistle starts to blow,
And the kids are at the movies and you've got three feet of snow,
You can jump into the Volvo and go find your family,
Then you'll head for the Expressway, where the going's always free.

For the honchos up at Lilco have a dilly of a plan,
If there's trouble out at Shoreham every woman, child or man,
Can be sure of reaching safety, can come in out of the cold.
Not one person will have problems if they'll do as they are told.

We are living on an island, just in case it slipped their minds,
When a person wants to leave it, here is what that person finds,
There are just so many bridges, there are just so many boats,
So unless you own a chopper, well I hope your tushie floats.

Every time it starts to sprinkle and the wind begins to blow,
First the lights begin to flicker, then the power starts to go.
As I sit here lighting candles I see Shoreham by the sea,
If they run that like they run this then they've seen the last of me.

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