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It Ain't Easy

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

Everywhere I looked this morning you were on my mind;
Sometimes we have moments when good news is hard to find.
No-one knows exactly what another’s going through,
But singing you these simple words is one thing I can do.

Though it ain’t easy, it ain’t easy -
The living and the loving are no easy things to do.
It ain’t easy, it ain’t easy -
That’s why I want to be a friend to you.

I know you lost something that you loved with all your heart.
I know how the grieving feels like tearing you apart.
Just remember something that might ease you through the pain,
That there are those who’ll carry you until you’re whole again.


Only you can understand the load you have to bear;
All a friend can offer is to try to take a share.
Friends are all we have and I just want to help you see,
How ever hard it gets for you, you have that friend in me.

Thank you Anne from Australia for transcribing the lyrics!

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