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I Lost My Heart On a 747

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

I lost my heart on a 747,
Halfway to heaven,
Passing over Des Moines.
Her looks were smart,
I met her in the aisle,
She gave me her smile,
I knew our futures we´d join.

There in the middle of a spicy movie, starring Natalie Wood,
We made our vows together, cutting our steaks as best we could.

My love removed her earphones,
And told me in her dear tones,
She had to powder her nose.
She pushed and shoved,
Through a dozen stewardesses,
Handing out their addresses,
And straightening their hose.

Time flew,
I knew something had gone wrong!
Where was my love?
She´d been gone too long.

I searched,
But I couldn´t find Diana,
When we landed in Havana,
Not a trace could I see.
I asked around,
Interest couldn´t have been keener,
And everyone had seen her,
And she was looking for me.

Knocking madly on the powder room doors,
Tears were in my eyes.
Excepting three or four masculine roars,
I heard no answering cries.

I searched,
And I must have looked for hours,
Till Kennedy towers
Gave permission to land.
Farewell to the future we planned!

Fighting madly in the baggage claim,
Just like World War Two,
I thought I heard her calling my name,
But I lost my love and my baggage, too.

She´s gone.
Now we´ll never fly united,
A promise unrequited,
No future to join.
Our love is on a 747,
Halfway to heaven,
Passing over Des Moines.

Thanks to Jan for the transcription!

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