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Let The Sunshine

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

All of the fat cats, fur coats, brass hats,
Got a big investment in the energy scam.
Tell it to the banker, buy a supertanker.
Where you get the money? Well you get it off of Sam.
Let Uncle sign a note, fill up your big boat.
You bring it to the harbor then you let it sit a while.
You won't have too long to wait until the prices escalate,
and then you sell your oil and you make yourself a pile.
Then you can allow yourself to smile.

Let the sun shine, heat up the water,
Let all the water, turn into steam.
Let the steam drive, all the generators,
Keepin all the engines, hummin' like a dream.

What the boys don't want, can't have, won't want,
Don't want anybody gettin' power from the sun.
No way to squeeze tight, corner all the sunlight,
Wrap it up and sell it, yes and charge everyone.
Everyday it rises in the skies you can bet on it.
You can set your watch by it. Happens every time.
Shines on the poor folks, my folks, your folks.
Happens every morning and it doesn't cost a dime.
And that to the hustlers is a crime.


We go to the Arab, runnin' up a big tab.
Payin' through the nose till the hose runs dry.
Arab rears back, buys another Caddilac,
Shadin' his eyes from the sun in the sky.
Hook up the sunlight. Tell the Arab nighty' night.
We don't need a hose and we don't need his spout.
No need to lose it, once you learn to use it.
You've got yourself a power that'll never run out.
Now you can allow yourself to shout




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