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My Last Love Song

by Tom Paxton & Bob Gibson

She was hitching a ride and I thought she’d be grateful if I lent her a hand.
So I gave her a ride till I ran out of gas at a Taco Bell stand.
I told her I loved her – I knew it was sudden,
but, hell, these things happen so fast.
She blew me a kiss then she picked up a lift
with some dude with a full tank of gas.

And that was my last love song,
That didn’t last too long.
One day it’s love sky high,
The next it’s goodbye.
Just let the last chord ring,
There on that last high string.
That was the last love song
That I’m gonna try.

She was sipping a gin-sling, and humming some dumb thing
about love going wrong –
About crimes unforgiven and life not worth living – I was humming along.
She told me a story of lost love and glory and some kind of loser named Fred.
She left me a note on a wet cocktail napkin,
and here’s what this poor sucker read.


Oh her name it was Agnes and the whole sixth grade loved her
but me most of all.
And the life that I planned for us both in Valpares and such ports of call.
We’d probably write plays and poetry, hang out with royalty –
she’d be my wife.
One day after school I explained to her mum all my plans for the rest of our life.


Thank you Anne from Australia for transcribing the lyrics!

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