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Outward Bound

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

Outward bound, upon a ship that sails no ocean,
Outward bound, it has no crew but me and you. All alone,
When just a minute ago the shore was filled with people.
With people that we knew.

Outward bound, upon a journey with no ending,
Outward bound, uncharted waters beneath our bow.
Far behind, the green familiar shore is fading into time,
And time has left us now.

So farewell, adieu, so long vaya con dios,
May they find whatever they are looking for.
Remember when the wine was better than ever again,
We could not ask, we could not ask for more.

Outward bound, upon a ship with tattered sail,
Outward bound, along a crooked lonesome trail.
Things we learn, we'll just be satisfied in knowing,
And we'll tell it to our kids as a fairy tale.


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