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She Sits on the Table

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

She sits on the table in a dress made of paper,
Diplomas all over the wall.
One university, one school of medicine,
She's overwhelmed by it all.
The nurse is all sympathy, voice of experience,
"Let's have a look at that eye.
It's going to look bad for a week, maybe more.
Go on, darling, it's all right to cry."

"How can I leave him?" she is crying.
"What could I do? Where would I go?
He didn't mean it, he will change someday.
Oh, God, how he used to love me so."

The doctor is busy, his manner professional.
She finds she must look at the floor.
He looks at her eye, at her ribs and her arm,
And it seems every last inch is sore.
The doctor is handsome, he smells of cologne
And his figure's athletically slim.
He speaks disapprovingly, "What did you do
To deserve such a beating from him?"


The policeman is waiting outside in the corridor.
He speaks to her as to a child.
He's friends with her husband. He's angry with her
And he asks if there'll be charges filed.
She says she's not sure, she needs time to recover.
She feels beaten down in disgrace.
The policeman asks, isn't she secretly glad
For a man who'll keep her in her place?


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