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The Love of Loving You

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

In an unexpected moment I beheld you.
I'd never seen your face, I did not know your name.
Then you came into my life from out of nowhere,
And now absolutely nothing is the same.

You are in my heart and in my mind.
Now I've known your love, I want no other kind.
I can feel your power shining through,
And I'm lost in the love of loving you.

It's so strange the way we live our lives in sorrow,
And the way we let the happiness slip by;
For our eyes are always fixed upon the morrow,
While today is in the corner of our eye.


I was looking for tomorrow when you found me.
My heart was anywhere but in today.
Now the magic of the moment's all around me,
And I hear the words I always longed to say:


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