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The Unknown

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

We came down the Avenue together yesterday,
All my old-time buddies and I.
People lined the Avenue
To see us yesterday,
As we were passing by.
'Cross the bridge to Arlington,
The sound of muffled drum,
A solemn and a stirring sight to see.
People stood in silence
To see the caisson come
As it carried me.

I could see my family together yesterday,
How where they to know it was I?
How I longed to comfort them,
And how I longed to say,
"Momma, don't you cry.
I'm just glad to be here
When my lonely journey's done.
Been a long time waiting for the day.
Time to quit your grieving
For your only loving son.
Momma, I'm okay."

And I could see my buddies.
All the grunts were standing there.
They were soemthing special to see.
Mostly getting heavy now,
And losing lots of hair,
But they looked beautiful to me.
Standing at attention
When they lowered me to rest.
Listen to the bugle and the drum.
Adios, amigos, from the one who loved you best.
Fellas, pease has come.

[Repeat 1st verse]


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