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We're Filling a Bottle for Ronnie

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

I go to my job every morning. I go to my job every day.
My buddies and me we're all plumbers and we can't complain, for the job is okay.
So there we are drinking our coffee and smoking a last cigarette,
When in comes the foreman all red in the face, saying, "This is the hottest one yet."

So Louie says, "What's the big problem,
What's got your dander up, Joe?"
Joe, he goes, "Look in the paper my friend,
It's there for the whole world to know.
The President's gonna stop all these drugs,
by testing us one at a time."
So all of us lays down our tools on the floor.
And we busily start fighting crime.

We're filling a bottle for Ronnie, we're filling it up to the brim,
And we'll never rest till we all pass the test, for we all think the world of him.
We're filling a bottle for Ronnie, and we'll never kick up a fuss,
For we're only doing to that little bottle what Ronnie's been doing to us.

The people who work in the White House,
According to what I read here,
Are gonna be filling their own little bottles
To make sure the message is clear.
At Cabinet meeting with Ronnie,
They're gonna be taking a break,
They'll call a recess at the Gipper's request,
And they'll all have some wee-wee to make.


They're gonna be testing our children,
And you can be certain of that.
They're gonna be testing our old maiden aunts
And they're gonna be testing our cats.
They used to go looking for traitors
Who commonly hid under beds,
Now, 'stead of them stirrin' up all of this urine,
They ought to try testing their heads!


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