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Wish I had a Troubadour

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

Wish I had a troubadour a-sittin' by my knee,
Playing stately rhythms of the ancient balladry.
If I had a troubadour, I'd signal with my hand
And he would sing for you.
He would sing for you until you'd smile.

Wish I had a wind I'd bring it by.
A gentle western wind to dry your eye.
A southern wind to keep you from your cryin',
I'm still tryin'.

Wish I had a castle clown with bells upon his hat,
Doin' tricks and somersaults, you'd have to laugh at that.
If I had a castle clown, I'd call him to your side,
And he'd do tricks for you.
He'd do tricks for you until you'd smile.


Wish I had a Royal Ballet, to summon at my will.
Dancin' by the candlelight, some lovely old quadrille.
If I had a Royal Ballet I'd signal with a nod,
And they would dance for you,
They would dance for you until you'd smile.


[Repeat Verse 1]

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