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You Are Love

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

You are the light in children's eyes.
You are the hope that never dies.
You are all the best in me,
And you forgive the rest in me.
You are courage wrapped in grace.
You are vict'rys laughing face.
You are Noah's returning dove.
You are love.

You are the welcome kiss of peace.
You are the joy of sweet release.
You are the mischievous at play.
You are the end of summer's day.
You are the soul who is my soul.
You are the half that makes me whole.
You are Noah's returning dove.
You are love.

Once the only word I knew was "I, I, I."
Nothing mattered but myself alone.
Still, a voice within me whispered, "Why? Why? Why?"
Why must you keep struggling on your own?
What an endless hill I tried to climb,
when you were there to help me all the time!

You are the garden where I walk.
You are the quiet twilight talk.
You are the comforting caress.
You are the end of emptiness.
You are the joy I longed to know.
You are the flower in the snow.
You are Noah's returning dove.
You are love.

Repeat the Release and verse 3.

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