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The Marvelous Toy

Pax Records, 78 Park Place, East Hampton, NY 11937 - Write for borchure

This is given in the Discography in "The Honor of Your Company" as a 1984 production on Flying Fish titled, "The Marvelous Toy and Other Gallimaufry." Apparently my copy is a later re-issue which was not listed in that discography.

Children's songs. Suggested for ages 3-8.

All songs written and composed by Tom Paxton.

Produced by Milt Okun

Side One

  1. Englebert the Elephant
  2. Jennifer's Rabbit - (Click here for lyrics)
  3. Fred - (Click here for lyrics)
  4. The Marvelous Toy - (Click here for lyrics)
  5. Come And Play Catch With Me
  6. The Subway Song
  7. Hush You Bye Go To Sleep

Side Two

  1. Goin' To The Zoo - (Click here for lyrics)
  2. Katy - (Click here for lyrics)
  3. Little Brand New Baby
  4. The Thought Stayed Free - (Click here for lyrics)
  5. My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog - (Click here for lyrics)
  6. Let's Pretend
  7. Gray Mares

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