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Tom Paxton Anthology

Copyright 1971 United Artists Music Co., Inc. New York, NY
Book and cover design by John A. McKinzie
All songs are "Words and music by Tom Paxton"

It was reissued and Copyright 1988 Cherry Lane Music Company, Inc.
ISBN 0-89524-390-3
This version does not have the cover art by John A. McKinzie and the picures and layout of the interior are different. The chords show the finger pattern instead of being just the chord name. Much of the type styles have been kept the same and the songs included are the same.

Words and music to 25 of Paxton's songs, mostly from his albums Morning Again, The Things I Notice Now, and Tom Paxton # 6 with a couple of older tunes tossed in.


  1. About the Children
  2. All Night Long
  3. Annie's Going to Sing Her Song
  4. Bottle of Wine
  5. Cindy's Cryin'
  6. Clarissa Jones
  7. Crazy John (for John Lennon)
  8. Forest Lawn
  9. Hold on to me Babe
  10. The Hooker
  11. I Give You the Morning
  12. I've Got Nothing but Time
  13. Jennifer's Rabbit
  14. The Last Thing on my Mind
  15. Mister Blue
  16. Morning Again
  17. Now That I've Taken My Life
  18. Outward Bound
  19. Saturday Night
  20. So Much for Winning
  21. Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues
  22. The Things I Notice Now
  23. Whose Garden was This?
  24. Wish I had a Troubador

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