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Tom Paxton Easy Guitar

Thanks to Charlie Maiorana of Red Sky Books, www.redskybooks.net for the picture and information on this item!

Tom Paxton Easy Guitar, 1975, United Artists Music, contains 21 songs
mainly from the "Peace Will Come" and "New Songs For Old Friends"
albums. The folio contains vocal/easy guitar arrangements for the songs:

  1. California
  2. Dance In The Shadows
  3. Fred
  4. Hobo In My Mind
  5. The Hostage
  6. I Lost My Heart On A 747
  7. Faces And Places
  8. Jesus Christ S.R.O.
  9. Out Behind The Gypsy's
  10. Peace Will Come
  11. Retrospective
  12. Silent Night
  13. Wasn't That A Party?
  14. What A Friend You Are
  15. When Annie Took Me Home
  16. When Princes Meet
  17. When You Shook Your Long Hair Down
  18. Who's Been Passing Dreams Around?
  19. You Came Throwing Colors
  20. When We Were Good
  21. You Should Have Seen Me Throw That Ball

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