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Valerie's Interests

Seems like the older I get, the more things I find interesting. Here's a list of some of my interests. Some of them are links to take you to further information. Enjoy!


This is a major, long-term interest of mine. I now have over 100,000 people in my Family Tree Maker file and it keeps growing.

The Music of Tom Paxton

This is another long term interest. The link will take you to quite a bit of information about his music including lyrics to many of his songs (included here with his permission.)

Philately (Stamp Collecting)

"Cats on Stamps" is a long-term interest. Currently I am very interested in Czechoslovakian Revenue Stamps. Click on the link to learn more.


Cats, especially Tigers!


The list of books on this link is woefully out of date and will probably never be kept up to date. Still, I'll leave it there as there are some good books worth recommending and it will give you some idea of some of the types of books I have enjoyed.

Computers and Programming

Ham Radio (AA7FB)

I'm afraid I'm pretty much inactive as a ham and have been for some time. I still keep my license current though, so maybe one of these days..."

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