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Tom Paxton Live For The Record

Sugar Hill Records SHCD-1053 (CD)
For a free catalog, write: Sugar Hill Records, Inc. P.O. Box 55300, Durham, NC 27717-5300

With Special Guests
Mike Auldridge, David Buskin, Stuart Duncan, Cathy Fink, John Gorka, Roy Huskey, Jr., Lucy Kaplansky, Marcy Marxer, Eric Weissberg, Susan Graham White, and Robin & Linda Williams

Produced by Jim Rooney

Songs on the CD

  1. Bobbit

2. Short Shelf Life Songs

More "Normal" songs

  1. Intro to On The Road From Serbrenica
  2. On The Road From Serbrenica - (Click here for lyrics)
  3. Spin and Turn
  4. Intro to My Favorite Spring
  5. My Favorite Spring - (Click here for lyrics)
  6. I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound - (Click here for lyrics)
  7. Intro to Modern Maturity
  8. Modern Maturity - (Click here for lyrics)
  9. Dance in the Kitchen
  10. A Long Way From Your Mountain - (Click here for lyrics)
  11. The Names of Trees - (Click here for lyrics)
  12. Intro to Little Girl
  13. Little Girl - (Click here for lyrics)
  14. The Last Thing On My Mind - (Click here for lyrics)
  15. Rambling Boy - (Click here for lyrics)
  16. Intro to No Time To Say Goodbye
  17. No Time To Say Goodbye - (Click here for lyrics)
  18. The Honor Of Your Company - (Click here for lyrics)
  19. You Are Love - (Click here for lyrics)

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