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See also the Outward Bound/Morning Again package re-issued Aug. 2, 2004

Outward Bound

Elektra Records EKL-317 (Mono), EKS-7317 (Stereo)

I once owned this on a 7" reel-to-reel audio tape so I know it once came in that format as well.

Joe Wetmore [autumnleavesusedbooks@yahoo.com] wrote to me and says that this album was originally released with only six songs on side one, omitting the "Deep Fork River Blues". He has provided photos of his album cover to show the difference. He believed the song was added in the late 70's or early 80's but I'm not sure that's the case. The song is on my album which I believe I bought in the early 70's and I don't remember it not being on the tape that I bought in the late 60's. In any event, there are at least two different versions of this album out there. If anyone can add more facts to this, please email me (valerie@mydfz.com) and I'll update this page as I receive further information.

May 18, 2002: Ricard Benach [rbenachr@inicia.es] of Barcelona sent the following email:

"I bought the LP in 1976-1977. In the cover of my copy, there are seven songs in side A, but in the acetate, there are only six tracks (omitted Deep Fork River). Perhaps my copy is the release 1.5 of the album, with 6 ½ songs in the A side! "


Sept. 4, 2002: Fraser Scott [fraser@kelvin4.force9.co.uk] sent the following email:

"My mum bought the record in 1966. Handily she dates when she buys a record. It definitely does not have deep fork river blues on it, as seen in the picture. It's not credited on either the sleeve or the record.

I recently bought another copy of the record in amongst a job lot of TP records. This one is dated 1967. I dont know the exact date. The sleeve is the same (no deep river fork blues) but the record shows it (see second picture). Although bizzarely the song still isn't on the record. "

Sept. 17, 2003: Gregg Masini [g.masini@earthlink.net] sent the following email:

"Just saw the web site for "Outward Bound" and had to laugh while reading about the missing song. I bought the album in the late 70's and on the version I have the song (Deep Fork River Blues) is listed on the album cover but the track was not on the album. I had an opportunity to ask Tom Paxton about this after a concert in CA about 12 years ago. He laughed and said it was inadvertently left off the album when it was first cut but the album covers had already been printed so they were issued without the song. He offered to play the song the next time he came around, unfortunately that was the last chance I had to see him play."

December 7, 2003: Edward Hasbrouck [edward@hasbrouck.org] had the following story to add to this saga:

"Just to complicate matters even more, we have a copy (purchased used) of "Outward Bound" which includes "Deep Fork River Blues" as the final
(seventh) track of side one -- but lists it neither on the jacket nor the label on the actual album. I had always assumed that it was a sort of secret "bonus" track. At any rate, you can't rely on the label to tell whether a particular copy of the album contains this song."

February 9, 2005: Tony Hurrell dropped me a note to say that his 7 1/4" reel-to-reel, 3 3/4ips tape of Outward Bound does not have the "Deep Fork River Blues" on it. Ah the old 7 1/4" tape. I sure got a lot of enjoyment from mine when I owned a copy back in the late 60's and early 70's. Did they really sound better or is that just the rose colored glasses of hindsight?

Barry Kornfeld, second guitar
Bill Lee, bass

Produced by Paul Rothchild
Production Supervisor Jac Holzman
Cover photo & design William S. Harvey

Side One

  1. Leaving London - 3:10 - (Click here for lyrics)
  2. Don't You Let Nobody Turn You 'Round - 2:20 - (Click here for lyrics)
  3. My Son, John - 2:44 - (Click here for lyrics)
  4. The King Of My Backyard - 1:57
  5. Deep Fork River Blues - 2:42
  6. One Time And One Time Only - 2:47 - (Click here for lyrics)
  7. Is This Any Way To Run An Airline? - 2:37 - (Click here for lyrics)

Side Two

  1. All The Way Home - 2:45 - (Click here for lyrics)
  2. I Followed Her Into The West - 2:52 - (Click here for lyrics)
  3. This World Goes 'Round And 'Round - 3:04 - (Click here for lyrics)
  4. Talking Pop Art - 2:14 - (Click here for lyrics)
  5. When You Get Your Ticket - 3:33 - (Click here for lyrics)
  6. I Believe, I Do - 2:10 - (Click here for lyrics)
  7. Outward Bound - 2:25 (I think this is one of Paxton's most beautiful songs - vjk) - (Click here for lyrics)

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