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Tom Paxton In Concert (video)

Thanks to Leighton Thomas for providing the information and images on this video!

November 17, 2014 Jason sent scans of his copy of the tape for comparison. He mentions that his tape is NTSC instead of PAL format and that a very short bit of the song "Life" is at the beginning of the tape. He also reports the end of the tape says it was recorded at Ohio University in 1981.

Song List:

  1. I Am Changing My Name to Chrysler
  2. We All Sound The Same
  3. Mary's Got A New Job
  4. Annie's Going To Sing Her Song
  5. She Sits On The Table
  6. Hand Me Down My Jogging Shoes - (Click here for lyrics)
  7. My Favourite Spring
  8. Whose Garden Was This?
  9. All Clear In Harrisburg
  10. We Live On The Water
  11. Phil
  12. Ramblin' Boy
  13. I Don't Want A Bunny Wunny
  14. The Last Thing On My Mind

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