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The Things I Notice Now

Elektra Records EKS-74043 (Stereo)

All selections by Tom Paxton, copyright Deep Fork Music ASCAP

Jack Bonus - flute, tenor saxophone
Albert Bouchard - drums
David Bromberg - acoustic and electric guitars
Herb Bushler - bass, electric bass
Johnny Coles - fluegelhorn
Richard Davis - bass
Richard Grando - soprano recorder, soprano saxophone
David Horowitz - piano
Hubert Laws - flute
Jimmy Madison - drums
Tom Paxton - acoustic guitar
Max Pollikoff - violin
Robert Sylvester - cello

Warren Smith arranged and conducted "About the Children"
David Horowitz arranged and conducted "The Iron Man"
Joshua Rifkin arranged and conducted "All Night Long"

Produced by Peter K. Siegel
Production Supervisor Jac Holzman
Engineering Dave Sanders, Shelly Yakus
Mixing Peter K. Siegel
Photography Elliot Landy
Design Robert L. Heimall
Art Direction William S. Harvey

Side One

  1. Bishop Cody's Last Request - 3:30 - (Click here for lyrics)
  2. Wish I Had A Troubadour - 3:22 - (Click here for lyrics)
  3. About The Children - 3:03 - (Click here for lyrics)
  4. I Give You The Morning - 2:41 (Click here for lyrics)
  5. The Things I Notice Now - 3:08 - (Click here for lyrics)

Side Two

  1. The Iron Man - 15:02 (I think this is the longest song Paxton has written. - vjk) - (Click here for lyrics)
  2. All Night Long - 2:28 - (Click here for lyrics)

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