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American Troubador

Audio CD released March 10, 2003 in Great Britain on the "Music Club" label.

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Thanks to Rob Bateman for the "heads up" about this new album and for the song list below.

This seems to be a bit of an odd grouping of songs. There are songs for both adults and children whereas in the past most albums fell pretty clearly into one category or the other. This album seems to be a bit more mixed. There are only three songs on this album that are not on other albums: Danville Girl, Foggy Foggy Dew, and Golden Vanity. Those three are very unusual in that Paxton usually records only his own original songs while these are all traditional songs with histories that go back centuries. I'm glad to see "Wish I had a Troubadour" is finally being included on an in-print album. Still, odd or not, there are a lot of great songs on this album. Enjoy!

May 11, 2014 - Jason wrote in to say the following:

"I have some information to add on the "American Troubadour" album. It's actually a compilation of former recordings from the 1980's, nothing new. It contains songs from the two 1986 albums previously only available on casettes on the Pax Records label, "A Paxton Primer" and "A Folksong Festival", as well as materials from various Children's albums. Those two casette albums were recorded in the same session, with only Billy Panda on the guitar. 13 of the tracks were taken from "A Paxton Primer", which almost covers the entire 1986 re-recording album - the only one left is "Peace Will Come". The version of "Did You Hear John Hurt" from this album is the only studio recording of the song. The 3 traditional songs - "The Foggy, Foggy Dew", "Danville Girl" and "The Golden Vanity" were taken from "A Folksong Festival", an album of traditional folk songs only. The rest songs were taken from various children albums, "Suzy Is a Rocker", "Goin' to the Zoo", "I've Got a Yo-Yo" etc."

Song List:

  1. Hobo in my Mind - (Click here for lyrics)
  2. My Ramblin' Boy - (Click here for lyrics)
  3. This World Goes Round and Round - (Click here for lyrics)
  4. My Lady's a Wild Flying Dove - (Click here for lyrics)
  5. Outward Bound - (Click here for lyrics)
  6. Thought Stayed Free - (Click here for lyrics)
  7. What a Friend You Are
  8. I Give You the Morning - (Click here for lyrics)
  9. Danville Girl - (Click here for lyrics)
  10. Did You Hear John Hurt - (Click here for lyrics)
  11. Whose Garden Was This? - (Click here for lyrics)
  12. Let the Wild Wind Blow
  13. One Ship is Sailing
  14. Foggy Foggy Dew
  15. I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound - (Click here for lyrics)
  16. We Have Each Other - (Click here for lyrics)
  17. Subway Song
  18. I Can't Sleep
  19. Bound For the Mountains and the Sea - (Click here for lyrics)
  20. Golden Vanity
  21. As She Rides By - (Click here for lyrics)
  22. Wish I Had a Troubadour - (Click here for lyrics)
  23. Suzy is a Rocker

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